How Much Does a Pool Cost?

How much does a pool cost in Houston anyway?

The cost of a pool varies based on a number of factors. In general you should expect to spend anywhere from $20k-$70k with the average being somewhere in the $45k area. Some variables to consider are:

  • How large do you want the pool to be? The national average price/square foot is around $50/square foot.
  • What shape do you want?
  • Do you want additional water features? These range from waterfalls and fountains to lighting and custom rock landscaping.
  • What do you want it to be made of? Just like when you get a new kitchen countertop, the materials and prices of those materials can widely vary. Some of the various options are fiberglass, vinyl and gunite.
  • Do you want to add a custom spa/hot tub to your pool?

The average in-ground pool cost for a pool 32’x16’ is around $22k according to a survey. While this is an average price to help give you a ballpark, know that pools and their prices come in many shapes and sizes. Due to the many customizations you can get to your pool, let alone select the material the very pool is made out of, prices can wildly vary.

The first step is to decide what you want your pool made of. Pools come largely in 3 types, vinyl lined, fiberglass and concrete (often referred to as gunite). Each of these types of pools have very different strengths and weaknesses.


Vinyl pool liners tend to be the least expensive out of the bunch and because of this are a huge draw to some people. It is important to know that over time, your vinyl liner will wear out. When it does, you’ll have to get it re-lined. While this isn’t a bother to people that plan for it, to those it surprises it is a headache.



Fiberglass pools are a great option when comparing durability and long term price. Fiberglass pools are not too customizable though which is important to some people.
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Concrete pools are often what dream pools are made of. While they look luxurious and set an incredible ambiance, they can also be the most expensive of the 3 options. This is due primarily to the extensive cleaning that takes place over the life of the pool. Cleaning and pool refinishing is necessary over the life of the pool and if accounted for, won’t surprise you when you when the need arises.

Concrete pools are by far worth it as long as you take into consideration future expenses in addition to initial costs. Concrete pools are the most customizable out of the 3 types which allows you to create the pool of your dreams. They can turn a backyard into an incredible place to relax, detox and have a night out with family and friends.

Additional Expenses

There are a handful of other expenses to consider when buying a pool. The first is understanding which pools take the most chemicals and require many tools. Remember to factor things like pool pumps, filters, brushes, vacuums, covers, and chemicals into the overall equation. You’ll also need chlorine and pH testing strips in most instances.

Other pool accessories range from heaters and handrails to thermometers and ladders. This is often where the fun part begins, being able to fully customize your pool. Water features are another great way to make your pool unique.

How much does a pool cost in Houston specifically (and surrounding areas)?

Houston pool prices are quite in line with the above mentioned quotes. Expect to pay between $20-$70k for your Houston pool. Here in Houston we do have the advantage of the weather on our side, which can help offset the cost when you consider that you can use the pool nearly all year long.

The Long of the Short

The very best way to find out how much your dream pool will cost is to get an estimate. Click below to get an estimate from our top of the line pool builders.

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