Are you currently constructing a brand new house with a clean slate or redoing a tile flooring in your present house? In that case, then a granite medallion could be exactly what you are seeking. Practical and attractive, granite medallions are likewise a flexible add-on to your house.

What’s a Granite Medallion?

You might have viewed granite medallions on the ground in lobbies of office buildings or in a few shops. A granite medallion is basically many sections of granite assembled and cut into design or a pattern like a mosaic. Yet, in this scenario the sections of granite form one big, simple-to-install tile. These granite tiles that are alluring can operate beyond office receptions, working on a smaller-scale in more casual settings. Consider only some of the places how you might interpret that in your house and granite medallions show up.

Where Should You Put a Granite Medallion?

Anterooms and entryways are a great place for ornamental tile. A granite medallion, on a side wall or whether in the middle of the entry, certainly will make sure to capture any guest’s focus and adds visual interest in an unexpected location.

Kitchens are likewise a good place for a granite medallion. This add-on would add a punch of colour and statement in a kitchen that is monochromatic. But it’s also ways to contain artwork in an area that’s frequently just practical.

Toilets supply greater than one chance for a granite medallion. The middle of the room on the floor may be the middle of the shower floor or wall, or an ideal position. Either way, it is an intriguing touch to a room that may be a challenge.

By installing a medallion on the veranda itself or possibly a trail through the garden develop a terrace setting on your own patio or deck. Granite medallions are care that is simple and may be a good method to add artwork out of doors and never needing to be concerned about it.

You also are installing a brand new one shortly or in the event that you own a pool with strategies to shift things up a bit, consider a medallion for the pool floor.

Don’t forget that granite is a material that is springy and certainly will resist high-traffic places. So don’t be scared to set up a granite medallion in parts of the home that get regular use.

It’s spectacular, natural artwork which will make an impression in virtually any setting.